Cities in Dust – Vanishing Anarchist

‘Vanishing Anarchist’ almost sounds out of this world, a Doctor Who-like, alien sound created to mesmerise and slowly take over your world while evolving into a soothing alternative pop track with hints of influences by Oasis and Beady Eye. The intense and attractive vocals that tell Cities in Dust’s latest story bring us their latest release. ‘Vanishing Anarchist’ is a surprise from start to finish, with surprising hooks and sound effects combined with thumping drums and pensive guitar riffs.

It is the band’s second single and what sounds like the start of a new indietronica-driven era for them. About the song, the band are short but sweet: “It is a song about what Mark E Smith might have called arms control poseurs. The track was inspired by a reference in the memoirs of Stephen Morris from New Order, but refers to those people who are very local about their politics, and position themselves as an activist but never back it up with action, in fact run away at the first sign of trouble.”

And Cities In Dust do sound like trouble, the good kind, so put on your shoes and start running!

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