Shae Brock – Wish

“Sometimes I wish I knew what it would feel like to be loved by you.”

The beautiful and pensive pop of songstress Shae Brock has previously gotten a hold of us with the release of her single ‘Blue’, and now there is ‘Wish’. ‘Wish’ is bittersweet and builds upon a simplistic soundscape, shining a bright light on Shae’s exquisite vocals. She has been creating and refining her distorted dream rock sound since 2017 and released her debut EP ‘Dreamers Club’ last year.

The Southern California-based musical angel paints vivid pictures of love won and love lost and ‘Wish’ is another example of said pictures. A colourful yet tainted painting that gets its colour from Brock’s warm voice and a soothing soundscape. “I can become different songs and different stories and feelings and characters – like one big painting with all different colours.” Her inspiration comes through deep connections and moments you can taste, architecture and history and ever nostalgic feelings, and that’s exactly the story ‘Wish’ tells. We can feel it, taste it and visualise what she tells us, and we want to hear her stories over and over again.

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