Bleek Noir – All Over

A grand new release was brought to us by Bleek Noir, ‘All Over’ is a brass-filled and theatrical piece with strong vocals and a cohesive build up, a soundscape that gives the track its clear intro, middle and end! It is pensive and festive at the same time, sounds upbeat yet unhurried. A typical sound for Misfits!

The track also appears on Bleek Noir’s EP which was released on the 2nd of October. The EP is a four track counting piece of fast paced cinematic alternative rock, four different musical universes within a larger musical universe! The EP was recorded last summer and is the ultimate representation of Belek Noir’s work.

‘All Over’ is the second song on the EP and continues on the theatrical piano-driven ‘Kicking the Cage’, ‘All Over’ is mysterious at times and rich in lyricism and twisted imagery. A peculiar sound that is built on intricate vocal effects, surprising rhythm changes and warm brass-lines. Bleek Noir has created a new world, one we would very much like to discover more…

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