Interview with Cloe Wilder

Recently the mesmerising pop artist Cloe Wilder landed on our radar, with the release of the new video for her single ‘In The Next Life’ which also appears on her debut EP ‘Teenage Lullabies’. Her sound is a smooth and refined pop one and is driven by sharp, dreamy vocals. As the young artist recently released her debut EP we thought it was just the right time to ask her some questions about her music and aspirations!

Hi Cloe! Would you be able to introduce yourself to our readers, what kind of music do you create and who inspires you?

Hi! I’m a singer, songwriter. My last project was this ethereal, indie, bedroom sound. Honestly, I’m the most inspired by myself and how I see things.

What made you start creating music and what keeps you going?

I had been practicing music since I was little, but I went to my first writing camp when I was 12, which is where I learned where to start when it comes to song writing. I think what keeps me going is the excitement and love for what I’m doing. It’s so fun!

How have the past two years been for you? What kind of activities have you been doing to keep busy and to keep growing?

The past two years went in a different direction than expected, but I’m so grateful for the time that I had to write more songs. I really needed that. I got to spend time with my favourite collaborators. I transitioned to virtual high school, I released my debut EP and I’m in a much better place creatively.

How did you go about creating your latest music video and how did you get in touch with people to create this with?

This song has always felt blue to me. The original concept had me going through every season of life, which we had actually filmed an entirely alternate video of that day. When I got the footage back, I really liked the summer set the best and we happened to have a one-take from that. Bobby Hanaford directed all of the previous visuals off of my EP, so I knew I wanted him to wrap it up.

What do you think the importance of videos is nowadays? Do you think a video adds meaning to your songs or possibly another perspective?

I think videos give an artist extra creative expression to mess around with. I don’t think that they’re everything when it comes to a project, but if you absolutely love a visual then it does help to tie it together. The takeaway really depends on what it looks like to the listener. For me, the ‘In the Next Life’ video doesn’t give anything new meaning, just a little more love and attention, but maybe it’s completely different for someone else. That’s what I like about videos.

What tips would you give artists such as yourself or are there people you would love to receive tips from / would want to work with?

I’m only three years deep and I have a lot more learning to do. I’ve just recently gotten to a place where I prioritize my artistic integrity over everything else and it feels so good. Taking the time to understand yourself as an artist/songwriter before allowing other people to think that they understand you is important too; taking a breath. I didn’t do that.

I absolutely love talking to any creative about anything. It’s so healthy to talk to people that are doing what you’re doing in a different way. I don’t have anyone I’m dying to talk to, because I feel that those valuable conversations come to you.

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