slowride – Trip

A new and eccentric single was released by slowride, we are going on a trip with their latest; ‘Trip’. An intense soundscape builds upon alien-sounds, arcade-inspired effects and light vocal harmonies, truly quite the trip. Their alternative pop rock track is a surprising one and shows the band’s versatility. Throw some screaming vocals in the mix, a few dark instrumentals and you get a sound that takes you on a rollercoaster of sounds!

‘Trip’ plays with the idea of taking a trip to self discovery, being rather open-minded as well as very honest, the track translates the rollercoaster of emotions that go hand-in-hand with self discovery. “The lyrics ‘ready, fire, aim’ refer to just leaning in and working it all out as you go.” After the year we have all had, we should take off our masks and find ourselves once again. Getting lost in such an overwhelming world, both off- and online, can be quite a terrifying ride and slowride have given us a sound that translates as well as comforts us while on this wild ride.

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