Premiere: Emmrose – Thorns

We have previously written and raved about alternative pop singer songwriter Emmrose who has truly captured our hearts and we are more than excited to be able to premiere her brand new single ‘Thorns’! The single is due for release tomorrow but is now exclusively available on our website, right here.

Her beautifully sharp vocals lead us through this ballad-like single, a slow paced and pensive track with a simple soundscape that subtly dresses Emmrose’s vocals. Her voice in combination with her prolific songwriting are what make her sound stand out. “Where thorns were now grow roses” is a line we simply won’t get out of our head. 

‘Thorns’ is the title track of the upcoming EP, and the single is a heartfelt pop-acoustic song that talks about carrying resentment against people that aren’t in your life anymore. Emmrose expands on the subject of the track: “I wrote this song to finally move on from so many people. It was really necessary for me to write. Holding grudges holds me back from making closer connections to people, and I finally feel like I’ve begun healing. I’m not afraid anymore to meet new people and to make friends. I don’t feel like my past is holding me down anymore.” 

That need to write something, to share a part of you and to shed old skin, is what helps us connect to artists. Besides, the lyrics Emmrose wrote describe a feeling we haven’t previously been able to put into words, and it is a comforting and soothing feeling to know we are not alone in this. ‘Thorns’ is a blessing in disguise, a soft and mesmerising pop song that we just can’t stop listening to! 


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