The Empire Police – Like They Do

A shimmering and synth-driven intro slowly leads us into The Empire Police’s latest ‘Like They Do’. Grand and powerful vocals, a Blossoms-like soundscape and an overall anthemic vibe make us curious about the band behind the sound. With every other listen, a new layer gets revealed of this satisfying and graceful new single. 

‘Like They Do’ is our introduction to the Preston-based band and we are left impressed. The single follows up previous release ‘Need To Live’ which is another pulsating and synth-driven pop rock track with driving guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums. It seems the band have found their signature sound and we are very much here for it. About the single, frontman Jordao says: “The song centres mainly around the dangers of social media, and how younger generations especially are being influenced into thinking that they must love, live and look a certain way in order to fit in and to be accepted.”

“False narratives and unrealistic expectations are seemingly ingrained into our society in the modern world, and the message of the song is that we don’t have to look like they do, we don’t have to love like they do, and we don’t have to do what they do. We hope that listeners feel inspired and empowered, and recognise that what is peddled to you on social media is not reality.” Their grand and seductive sound will hopefully seduce others into focusing on their own instead of others, and if it doesn’t, that they might at least lose themselves in ‘Like They Do’ the way we did!

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