Henry Chadwick – Mind’s Eye

‘Mind’s Eye’ is catchy and shares an abundance of vocals harmonies and is in no way straightforward nor a song we have heard before. Henry Chadwick created a new genre of alternative pop with this hook-filled, warm and riffing new release. It is different in a way that is hard to describe, but ‘Mind’s Eye’ definitely got our attention! The song is also part of a second album that is due for release on Friday. We are intrigued and can’t wait to see what complements this single on the album.

It is the hazy sound and at times nearly disappearing vocals that make ‘Mind’s Eye’ an almost mysterious track, however still builds upon the classic building blocks of successful indie tracks. The upbeat jangly power-pop vibes of the track bring a smile to our face and a spring in our step, while at the same time making us reflect on our life and decisions made. The Santa Cruz-base singer songwriter dances between genres and creates a wonderful sound we wouldn’t mind hearing over and over again!

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