Premiere: Ally Palmer – Lay Your Love On Me

Mesmerising songstress Ally Palmer only recently appeared on our radar but left quite the impression with her brand new ‘Lay Your Love On Me’. The single will be out for all to hear on Friday, but will be premiered right here, on Music For The Misfits. We feel honoured to be able to work with a talented artist such as Ally Palmer, her gorgeous vocals are now imprinted on our souls and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘Lay Your Love On Me’ is a pensive folk pop sound with an intricate soundscape and soft vocals, and talks about being there for someone who needs some love and kindness in their life. And don’t we all from time to time? Ally created a sweet and heart-warming sound to support this message, to give it some extra depth and to bring it to life. We find ourselves slowly dancing around the living room, warming our hands and vocals chords to a cup of camomile tea.

She is our breath of fresh air, our break on a long and busy day, and our favourite new discovery coming out of Byron Bay. Her soulful indie folk hits just the right note and has clearly been influenced by old records and fond memories. Combining old school soul with smooth and uplifting lyrics, Ally’s music will have you adopting the Byron Bay ethos ‘cheers up, slow down, chill out’ in no time. 

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