Jennifer Porter – Show Me Your Love

Jennifer Porter is a well-known Maine singer-songwriter who manages to captivate us with her delightful musical experience time and time again. With her new single, ‘Show Me Your Love,’ she does not disappoint.

The singer, who has recently been promoting her new album ‘Sun Come And Shine,’ softens the ears with a soothing vocal delivery that she complements with a beautiful instrumental. Her passion for indie, blues and roots music shines through in this performance, as she manages to capture the essence of some of the best blues and soul tunes from the past while forging her own path.

‘Show Me Your Love’ is a beautiful, uplifting piece that is relevant to the times we live in currently. There are undoubtedly multiple interpretations of the song. Whether or not our understanding of the lyrics is accurate to Jennifer’s original inspiration when she wrote it, it proves to be one of those stories that can mean different things to different individuals. That is the beauty of a great song, and Jennifer leaves it up to the listeners to figure it out.

Jennifer, we gather, wishes to see more love in the world. She is tired of the harshness that society may sometimes impose. So much so, she wants to see people support one another, she wants to witness the love that lurks beneath the surface, and she wants to dig deeper, because let’s face it, we all have love within us. Her storey is captivating, and her voice adds to the soundtrack, providing an immersive experience that will have you coming back for more.

Words by James Davids

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