Eva Westphal – Things Don’t Fit

The stunning vocals of Eva Westphal lead us through her latest single ‘Things Don’t Fit’. It is a well-produced and simplistic pop song with a warm soundscape and almost angelic harmonies. With inventive lyrics and a light-hearted tone, the song keeps echoing in our head and is a warm welcome into Eva’s sound. The New York City-based artist started writing at the age of thirteen and seven years later manages to capture our attention with a well-refined, sweet pop song.

About the release, Eva shared: “‘Things Don’t Fit’ is about growing out of your old self – physical and mental. Inspired by an accidental ripping of an old prom dress, the song details my gratitude for how far I’ve come in my eating disorder recovery, which led me to become the proud, independent, musical, loud, driven 21 year old I am today.” The song is another open-hearted story that shows Eva doesn’t shy away from personal subjects and experiences that others might go through as well. Her ‘Things Don’t Fit’ sounds supportive and comforting and hopefully offers others a feeling of belonging and knowing that none of us are really ever alone.

We would have simply shared ‘Things Don’t Fit’ here however we also got slightly hooked to her previously released ‘I’ve Never Written a Song About a Boy’, so find all her songs below and make sure to share your thoughts with us and Eva Westphal!

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