New from the North: Nadedja, Beija Flo and The Heavy North

Nadedja – When We Land

North East-based songstress Nadedja just released her new single ‘When We Land’, which also appears on her recently released EP ‘Transient’. The song is a beautiful, lyric-driven track that captures Nadedja’s intimate way of storytelling. A soft and gentle sound covers her voice in a subtle and sophisticated sauce. The song blends in perfectly with the others on her EP, which, as she describes, is an open journal, “translating my reflections in moments of solitude and growth. It’s an honest conversation about identity, navigating expectations and what really matters in life.”

Beija Flo – Heads or Tails

Beija Flo is Liverpool’s emerging new wave/ punk artist who’s just released her new single ‘Heads or Tails’. It is an intriguing and well-produced song that showcases her hard to pin down sound, with this latest being an open-hearted punk-influenced love/hate-song. “‘Heads Or Tails’ is the rusty Ferris wheel that just keeps turning, going absolutely nowhere. The loud neighbours next door with the dog constantly in the garden. Hooded boy, in and out of the front door. Endless. Horrific. Sad. Intoxicated. Hilarious. Hopeful. Hopeless. Unflattering desperation. Omnipresent insanity. You hate it. You want to hug it. You can’t describe it. You can’t taste it.” Well, at least we know where Beija Flo is going, up in the ranks!

The Heavy North – Awake

We jump to Liverpool’s garage blues rock band The Heavy North who have just released ‘Awake’. It is strong, powerful and in your face with intriguing vocals and a riff-based soundscape. It’s the third single taken from the band’s upcoming debut album. The five piece create warm and rock-inspired sounds that bring a smile to our face and make us want to jump into a mosh pit. It’s pensive rock, loud and energetic but with an edge of hesitation, a thought that creeps up on you “so this is it? Can I have a little more of it?” The band have been growing excessively and gotten the attention from many a promoter, influencer and radio presenter! On to more of the same please…

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