Navah Sea – Cool, the rules anyways

The soft and laid back soundscape of Navah Sea‘s new release is a warm and soothing one that subtly dresses its outstanding vocals and surprising, balanced vocal harmonies. The song is a surprising chain of events, a changing and hook-filled well thought out and smoothly produced present from the British band. ‘Cool, the rules anyways’ was inspired by a time during which Phil had to sleep rough on the streets of New York in 2018. It is something hard to imagine from for many people that are close to me. Sometimes I wish I was able to see the world from their point of view, because do we really know what life is about when we have always had a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in?

Navah Sea’s new release sounds light-hearted, doesn’t give away a lot of struggle and seems to either put on a brave face or spin a tough time into something positive sounding. “It’s a song about no matter how bad a situation is, giving it a middle finger and carrying on anyways. The same experience is what inspired the painting and subsequent artwork for the single. The feeling of being overwhelmed and alone in a city that swallows you whole.” Reflective, very honest and despite its struggle sounding like a festive and comforting alternative pop track!

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