elison – Meet Me Halfway

Ride off into the sunset with indie rock duo elison. On their single ‘Meet Me Halfway’, the Iowan singer and producer craft a bittersweet breakup ballad that describes someone finally deciding to leave an unhealthy relationship. 

On the track, elison calmly, sadly processes the ending union, at times asking “Why couldn’t you meet me halfway, baby?” Still, listeners can hear the necessity of the split, with resolved lyrics that speak to one recognizing what it is they want and deserve: “I’m better off without you” and “I don’t want to be your love/If you can’t meet me halfway”. In a rustic sound arena with open drums, twanging guitars, and an ending that drives home the finality of the decision, elison manages to deliver the actual sensation of driving toward a new and, hopefully, better place.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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