Music by Kota – Jet Planes

After the release of their debut EP ‘Innocence’, and single ‘Lucy’, Music by Kota are back with the release of their new single ‘Jet Planes’. Their newest offering is a blues-inspired track filled with warm vocal harmonies and passionate lyrics. It is the band’s first track that is leaning more towards being a balled than a banger, and presents a different side to the band, one we hadn’t seen before. ‘Jet Planes’ is a pensive and romantic sounding song with a soothing intro and a rich guitar-driven soundscape. Its vocals have a slight edge, making the song stand out from other ballads within their genre.

The five-piece rock band from Memphis are taking it down a notch with ‘Jet Planes’, and it suits them. The band’s strength lies within their storytelling lyrics and more than ten years of friendship, they bring a sense of familiarity and confidence to their music and enchant their listeners with it. ‘Jet Planes’ in particular is charming and enchanting and makes us long for more, or a version of the song that’s just a little longer…

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