Superbloom – Paper & Stone (Acoustic)

The soft and shimmering sound of Superbloom comes to us as in a dream, the acoustic version of their single ‘Paper & Stone’ is fragile and telling. The single is made up of beautiful vocals and simple guitar play, with grand strings softly playing in the background. Superbloom go back to the basics and do it in style. This version of ‘Paper & Stone’ is a very strong and enigmatic introduction to the North London-based alternative rock outfit that are discovering new and worthy avenues to express themselves and find their sound.

Its vocals sounding almost pained, its soundscape adding an extra layer of drama, ‘Paper & Stone’ simply had to be released acoustically as it translates its true essence. The original version of ‘Paper & Stone’ is still rather timid, yet filled with riffs, and drum rolls that make for a slightly darker soundscape. Superbloom have stayed close to their sound, but are showing another side of themselves, a slightly more vulnerable one, and it suits them.

About their becoming of a band, they say: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. These words have been tested over the past couple of years in many aspects of life, and having launched a band during the pandemic we can personally say they have never rung so true.” And for their perseverance we admire them, and we are looking forward to hear the debut album that is currently being written!

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