Andrew Patterson – Hope Will Find Its Way

The soothing and romantic sound of Andrew Patterson‘s new single ‘Hope Will Find Its Way’ is comforting and memorable. His soft voice and grand yet simplistic soundscape come together in this mystic piece of alternative pop. The song is about struggling in tough conditions and its story is being told through delicate lyricism, passionate vocals, and a gritty soundscape.

On previous releases, Andrew showcased his soothing and uplifting folk pop, ‘Hope Will Find Its Way’ is gloomier and gives balance to his discography. About what music means to him, Patterson said: “Music doesn’t conform to one genre; it seamlessly flows with space to grow. I like the sense of intrigue and surprise that comes with that as an artist.” 

His new release shows that growth as well as a certain urgency, it hints at the artist needing to write music, not so much choosing to. It is a simple yet intricate sound and one we have enjoyed familiarising ourselves with!

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