VENUS GRRRLS, ZELA and Abnorm at Head of Steam

The Kids Are Solid Gold are on a roll with yet another fantastic line-up last Monday at the Head of Steam in the centre of Newcastle. Leeds-based all-girl alternative rock group VENUS GRRRLS were visiting Newcastle as part of their UK tour and brought locals Abnorm and ZELA along to open the evening!

Emerging power outfit Abnorm have been rising ever since their debut single ‘Citrus’ last year and aren’t planning on stopping their growth anytime soon. A phenomenal lead singer and great energy are radiating off the stage, the four piece are all very talented musicians that throw their souls into their music, and it’s infectious! We adore the pop-drenched alternative rock sound of Abnorm, with single ‘Everything Temporary’ being one of our favourites. They play their crowd-pleasers and win over a few new fans we are able to pinpoint thanks to their fabulous tie-dye Abnorm tees!

Next up are local “Brat pop” band ZELA, who portray an energetic, dark and synth-driven sound. Singer Liv certainly knows how to sell it! And so does GK, singer of VENUS GRRRLS, it truly is a night fill with powerhouse rock stars that are bringing their all to the stage after finally returning from what seems to have been hibernation. VENUS GRRRLS have, however, not been resting while the country was in lockdown, the five-piece have been released top track after top track with their latest EP ‘Potions’ being the cherry on top. Their energy on stage gives their performance relevance and the topics the band touch upon are close to their hearts.

While most of their songs are fast paced and fuelled by GK’s mesmerising voice, thumping drums and riffing guitars, the band take a break mid-set with open-hearted, bittersweet ballad ‘Amy’. The song highlights the importance of being open about mental health, and how none of us are ever really alone… VENUS GRRRLS show off their versatility and passion, and end the night on a very high while leaving a long lasting impression on their existing and new fans!

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