The Super Late – Miserable

Pop rock artist The Super Late has just released their new single ‘Miserable’, and as it is their final release of 2021, it had to be a banger! The single is also due to appear on the debut mixtape, called ‘Miserable Mixtape’, but believe us when we say it won’t sound miserable. Despite the past year and a half being covered in a grey cloud, it was The Super Late’s biggest year to date and that is all thanks to social media, and of course a well-produced sound.

This love affair with self inflicted misery is a weirdly comforting one and a song with layer after layer that we just keep uncovering with every other listen. ‘Miserable’ was influenced by the likes of The 1975, All Time Low and Paramore but drenched in a fresh The Super Late-sauce! And it’s not just the secret sauce that make The Super Late one of our favourite ones to watch so far… “It’s a kind of unrelenting work ethic and willingness to adapt that me, my music and my image is all about, I refused to let the state of the world beat me and it paid off. The Super Late Night is for the underdogs of the digital age.”

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