New British rock: Big Society, Blush Club and Onlooker

Big Society – Year with the Americans

Big Society have truly gotten our attention, it was their previous release ‘Age of Discovery’ that hooked us to their festive alternative sound and their live show at inner city festival The Gathering Sounds that had us mesmerised. Their latest, ‘Year with the Americans’ is taken from their brand new EP and it’s a riffing and harmonious surprise. The track is a funky alternative rock one that sounds like the band have truly stayed close to themselves. A few giggles and some ‘mistakes’ all survived the mix and give ‘Year with the Americans’ a unique and personal touch!

Blush Club – A Hill To Die On

A fast paced and high energy new track was released by Blush Club, the vocals on ‘A Hill To Die On’ are rapid and telling and talk about feelings of detachment and disenchantment, “with the sometimes mundane cycles of modern life, and the perhaps entitled and irrational urge to rebel against…” If the song only translating one vibe, it certainly is a rebellious one, with a stubborn undertone and tongue in cheek lyrics. The Glasgow-based are brand new on our radar but seem to be there to stay, with a sound that is loosely related to artists such as Omni and Bodega!

Onlooker – Get out Alive

And as if the previous two weren’t energetic enough, we continue with even more fast paced, high energy rock outfit Onlooker’s ‘Get Out Alive’! It is more of that same but infectious and guitar-driven sound, with surprising hooks and passionate vocals. This spoken word genre seems to be back from wherever it has been, in the form of some emerging and exciting bands such as Onlooker! The Teesside-based band have been around since 2017 and have created a fine garage rock vibe we can’t get enough of.

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