EP: Elephant Wknd – II

There aren’t many bands that are able to write and record five songs in one weekend and end up releasing the entire project in a professional manner, Elephant Wknd did it though. Their EP ‘II’ was released today and contains five fierce and dark new wave tracks with passionate and grinding vocals in combination with riffing soundscapes. The EP’s opener ‘So Much Closer’ is a soaring and grand track with mantra-like vocals.

This EP certainly doesn’t sound like it was rushed while being created and the overall work of art feels like a cohesive story made up of well-rounded chapters that truly translates the band’s sound and their message. Their goal was simply to write music and have fun and that is exactly what we hear on these tracks. ‘I Wish You Could See Me Now’ is a dark rock track with subtle harmonies and lyrics that you just have to chant along while listening. ‘You Or Me’ and ‘The One’ are both gloomy rock tracks with exciting guitar lines and soft vocals.

We close the EP with ‘Expect To Live’ which is a lighter and more uplifting sound and forms the perfect natural end to the EP. Having been recorded in only one weekend, we are certainly impressed by the smoothly produced sound of this new EP, have a listen below!

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