Heir – Spare Room (Live @ the Green Room)

Heir is back with their new single and live video for ‘Spare Room’. Their unhurried and festive sound is a soothing and comforting and showcases the band’s eccentric way of bringing music to our ears. ‘Spare Room’ is a soft and telling new single that now has its own live video, it’s the perfect representation of the band’s laid back 80’s influenced disco rock sound.

The song and video come with a glossy finish and a refreshed sense of identity. About how the song came along, the band say: “We’d reached the final day of a writing retreat in Northumberland, having exhausted all the deep and emotional ideas. Ste had been keeping us in the loop all week with the messages of both promise and disappointment that he’s been receiving from his Spare Room account from potential new housemates. He suggested that we make a musical advert. Maybe we weren’t out of emotional content after all and were actually just lamenting all the ones that got away.”

Turning a tough situation into a bravely bouncing track that is hard to get out of your head, and not even so much the lyrics but most of all its funky rhythm! “Writing this release also proved to be a creative launchpad for us mid lockdown, helping to find purpose and focus amidst the absence of live music.” And now that the song is written and released, that is exactly what it does for us and hopefully its other listeners!

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