Mad Mad Mad – Always

Mad Mad Mad’s uplifting indie release ‘Always’ is a reminder that even profound pain will pass, and sometimes joy can be found where we least expect it. With Ben Dubois’s memorable guitar solo, Forrest Raup’s flawless drum performance, and John Moran’s vocals and production tying it all together, ‘Always’ is a sonic masterpiece worthy of listening to on repeat, and a breath of fresh air for those in bleak situations. Of the lyrics, Moran reflects, “’Always’ is a track I wrote for myself, to remember that every feeling is temporary. It took a lot to record this song, and was hard to let go of in the end.”

‘Always’ opens with a lively guitar progression, infectious drum beat, and lyrics on recognizing the extraordinary within the ordinary. The chorus features lush harmonic layers and an unforgettable hook, “Always is just a moment / One wave on the ocean passing through / Some sunny afternoon.” True to its lyrics, ‘Always’ acts as a glimmer of light for anyone in search of an extra dose of inspiration, and awakens a sense of hopefulness that isn’t always easy to evoke. 

Words by Claire Donzelli

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