Schmuck – Stocking The Unrest

With their infectious new album, ‘Stoking The Unrest,’ Schmuck are soaring over the rock realms. The album, which came out recently through their label EffingTasty, defies expectations, offering a fresh perspective and a post-genre hybrid that will leave you screaming from the rooftops!

The album contains eleven great anthems. They’re all standout tracks in their own right, and each one offers something new and exciting to those who discover them. Furthermore, the album begins with ‘Destination V.’ It’s clear right away that the band are not afraid to venture outside of their comfort zone in modern times, and they’ve gathered all of their musical passions into one spot. As a result, a jumble of noises, including hard rock, funk, and drum and bass, emanate from the speakers.

After four tracks, we get at the all-powerful ‘Mistake.’ It’s clear at this point that Prodigy has been a significant source of inspiration for the group. They are not, however, a carbon copy of what has gone before. Furthermore, the vocals have a certain appeal, and the singer’s ability to recreate himself on each tune adds to the adventure’s excitement.

With a guitar riff that will have your hands scrambling for the air guitar, ‘Stupid As I’ at track 7 is candy to all rock aficionados. It has a massive sound, and the electronic hooks add to the weight of the music. Track 10 is ‘Check Yourself,’ which begins with a gradual overture with a vinyl scratching sensation before launching into another anthemic rock meeting DNB mix. ‘Stoking The Unrest’ is an explosive album overall, it’ll knock you off your feet!

Words by James Davids

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