DEADLETTER – Pop Culture Connoisseur

For those of you that need an afternoon pick-me-up, DEADLETTER have got just the thing for you. You have to be somewhat resilient to incredibly pungent alternative rock with grand riffs and intense vocals, but if you do, you will be in for a treat. ‘Pop Culture Connoisseur’ is the eclectic, electrifying and energising track that we have been waiting for. One that gives us goose bumps as well as the courage to jump into a mosh pit.

The band hailing from Yorkshire previously supported the likes of Squid, Viagra Boys and Pip Blom and with their latest release prove as to why they did. We, however, would love to see the band tear down a stage during a headline show, because their explosive sound must be a true success in a live setting!

‘Pop Culture Connoisseur’ is tongue-in-cheek and “its narrative centres around the case of PC Read, a police officer fired for stealing doughnuts through a self-service checkout. In addition to providing a case study into the fashion those in positions of authority often consider themselves above the law, the track also aims to comment at the manner modern morality so often relates to PR optics, as the cultural trope of law enforcement eating doughnuts is played out in real time.”

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