New videos: The Ninth Wave, Martha Hill and LOVIET

The Ninth Wave – What Makes You A Man

A grand and heartfelt new wave rock track was released by Glasgow’s The Ninth Wave. ‘What Makes You A Man’ is almost daunting, plays with beautifully sharp vocals and an intriguing soundscape that together tackle issues of consent.

Singer Millie said: “It’s a journey of self deprecation, and how one event can be such a throwaway meaningless action for one half but be life changing for the other. I want to stand up to this shame I hold with me, and recognise that it is not mine, I’m just the one carrying it. ”

Martha Hill – Empire

Martha Hill is back with a bloody honest and deliciously critical new track. ‘Empire’ says it as it is and if its message wasn’t clear yet, it’s video portrays it rather literally. ‘Empire’ is Martha Hill on top of her game, it’s witty, unique and catchy and something we could easily listen to on repeat!

“Lyrically ‘Empire’ tackles the gross and problematic imbalance of power at the very highest levels, namely the dominance of white men (across the political spectrum) operating in a selfish, complacent, and often negligent manner.” In case you hadn’t noticed yet… Go on, have a look.

Loviet – Pull Up

A sweet new pop track was released by Loviet, ‘Pull Up’ is a hazy and smoothly-produced alternative pop track with a shimmering soundscape. Its build up is what had us hooked, with a pick up in pace around 40 seconds in. We then enter a more synth pop driven/ surf-like track with a soundscape that is festive, catchy and hard not to move along to!

Her indietronica sound is calculated and thought-provoking, its video’s scenery absolutely stunning. About the song, Loviet says: “This song is me being at the mercy of life and the elements. In this track, I feel like I’m trying to reach back to a place that’s earthy and cathartic while I’m being pulled forward in the viscous cycles of social media and modernity.”

Cover photo: The Ninth Wave by Yaël Temminck

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