EP: Cat Valley – Feral

A dark and riffing nine track counting piece of work was released by indie rock band Cat Valley, and it’s really rather ferocious! ‘Feral’ kicks off with the fierce ‘Dive Bar Fight Song’, its title very much narrating its sound. It’s, punchy, angry and vibrant and followed by its radio version, for those with sensitive ears. The sound of single ‘Manager’ is a welcome break, something a bit more gentle, slightly slower and with warm vocal harmonies that tell its story.

Storytelling is what Cat Valley do best, all their songs have at least one thing in common; to the point and honest lyricism. It is the focal point, together with their sharp vocals, of all tracks on their second EP. The EP was recorded in Whitney and Abby’s living room and mixed and mastered during the pandemic. There is some bitter sweetness in for example ‘Last Year’, which showcases the struggles the band have had to go through. However, they’re really rather unstoppable, as ‘Patches’ and ‘Raspberry Jam’ show a strong and dedicated sound that is both pleasant and memorable.

‘Red Sea’ is possibly our favourite on the collection, with a rather fast paced rhythm and mostly spoken vocals. All songs work very well together and showcase Cat Valley’s signature sound, the entire EP packs a punch and despite being born from anger and frustration still sounds rather soothing in its own way. “These are songs that are meant to be sung or screamed along to in your car; songs for anyone who has ever felt left out.”

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