The Round Up – November

Limón Limón – Honey Blossom

We frequently rave about Limón Limón and are back for more raving, the band have just released their soothing and blossoming new single ‘Honey Blossom’ which is quite literally ‘sweet like nectar’. It is a subtle celebration, a catchy and comforting new alternative pop track with striking vocals and vocal harmonies that perfectly complement each other. The single perfectly translates; “the sun shining, the birds chirping and all of the flowers in your garden in full bloom” into song! 

RIVER – Brother

A thumping new track was released by German indie rock outfit RIVER, their new single ‘Brother’ is an anthemic and stadium-filling track with high foot-thumping potential. It is mostly it’s dark soundscape, driven by drums and driving bass lines, subtle vocals and warm harmonies that bring all elements of the song together. ‘Brother’ is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album which is due for release early next year!

Honest Men – Stuck!

To return the party, Honest Men released their seductive and festive new surf synth pop track ‘Stuck!’! It is the newest release from the Austin-based alternative indie trio that blend genres like a recipe well worth sharing. The song is taken from their album ‘Field of Vision’ which was released last month, about the album, the band said: “A lot of life has happened between our first record and ‘Field of Vision’. These are the songs that came out of us during that time. Our music and song writing became less of a celebration of what CAN we do and say and more of an introspective look into what SHOULD we do and say.” And it’s become a celebrative and positive sounding piece of art.

Simon Howard – No Evidence

A compelling new story is told to us by contemporary folk pop artist Simon Howard in the form of his latest single ‘No Evidence’. It is a delicate yet shining and warm folk pop song with a soothing soundscape that is driven by soft guitar lines and a pleasing rhythm. His pointed voice is the red thread throughout this song, and an intriguing one! After a secluded Texan summer spent writing in Austin, Howard returned home to record his debut EP, which is now available for all to enjoy.

Deathsport – I Hate People

The German brothers that are better known as Deathsport have just released their new and fast paced, highly energetic track ‘I Hate People’. And we’re not just empathising with the song’s title! It’s a smooth soundscape that is built on sharp and strong vocals, warm bass lines and riffing guitars. Their blend of indie rock and shoegaze is a refined and welcome one and we’re looking forward to the brothers’ upcoming EP!

Simon Taylor – Angel Of Mercy

The dark, gloomy and introspective ‘Angel Of Mercy’ is the latest offering recently brought to us by Newcastle-based alternative folk artist Simon Taylor. His voice takes the spotlight and a simplistic soundscape subtly dresses his warm spoken vocals. The song is also the first of Simon’s upcoming EP ‘Survival’ which is promising to be another collection of warm noir folk rock! Both single and EP are mental health-themed and talk of subjects close to his heart, which is what gives his sound that extra layer of personality.

Songs For Hadley – Dumpster Fire

We ramp it up a notch with the catchy and synth-driven ‘Dumpster Fire’, Sebastian Gregg’s latest single. However, the name Sebastian Gregg might not ring a bell for you, does Songs For Hadley? Yeah, that’s Sebastian! ‘Dumpster Fire’ is one of his more fast paced and energetic tracks, with previously released soothing, mellow pop rock single ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ being one of our other favourites. His infectious, smooth and rather mellow alternative pop rock sound leans against Britpop yet is drenched in his own personal perfume. This one is about debauchery and self-loathing, but sounds a whole lot more positive!

Sirocco – Vertigo

We feel euphory while listening to Newcastle-based indie rock band Sirocco’s ‘Vertigo’! Their latest release is catchy and energy-driven and its sonic soundscape is built on grand riffs, captivating lyrics and soothing harmonies! The song marks a shift in the band’s direction, or in their own words: “‘Vertigo’ is full of ideas and production that are new to the band and our sound, marking a new era in our journey. We think that ‘Vertigo’ encapsulates a positive change for our future!”

Christian List – Along The Line

Vocals with a soft, yet slightly jagged edge lead us through this new alternative folk pop song. Christian List has a magnificent voice that makes up most of his sound, ‘Along The Line’ is a simplistic song with a simple guitar line that supports these darkened tones. A bittersweet message of love and fighting for it is told to us by the soothing sound of Christian’s voice. This new release is like a heavy chocolate fondant that is just heavy enough, oozing vocals and a strong exterior that protects its soft core, all perfectly balanced. Let’s take another bite…

Ships Have Sailed – Faithless

Ships Have Sailed are back with another encapsulating and catchy track, ‘Faithless’ talks of faithless love in a light-hearted and infectious way, supported by strong vocals and a simplistic yet ethereal soundscape. On the single, Will Carpenter says, “For the most part, I think we’ve all experienced a toxic relationship, and at times we ignore the evidence and lie to ourselves, weaving a story that is much less likely than the simple, ugly truth.” Bittersweet story or not, Ships Have Sailed translate it into an anthemic alternative pop song!

Naina V – house of cards

‘house of cards’ starts out like a voice memo and all defenses up as Naina V sings: “Don’t mess with a house of course, my house of cards…” The song subtly and slowly transformed into an intimate acoustic performance with beautifully sharp vocals and a simple soundscape that dress up a story of fear of getting hurt and having to deal with the pain when it happens. The song was written and recorded straight from her bedroom but sounds like a professionally and smoothly-produced folk pop song with a wide team of professionals behind it. ‘house of cards’ is a beautiful and fragile lullaby we wouldn’t mind falling asleep to nor waking up with.

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