Interview with Naina V

We talked to eclectic artist Naina V about her latest release, what she loves and doesn’t love about song writing and the future! Read our Round Up article on ‘house of cards’ here and get to know Naina V below!

What does ‘house of cards’ mean to you?

“‘house of cards’ is a song dedicated to my younger self. It started off with this melody line “don’t mess with a house of cards, my house of cards”. I immediately knew it was coming from a vulnerable place. But it was only once I started writing, I realized that this song was an illustration of how I felt when I dealt with fear or hurt. It felt liberating to let it out, powered by enough time, self reflection, and the right vocabulary.

I hope listeners find comfort in the fact that there are other people going through difficult experiences too. I hope they will take away the message that it is okay to be fragile – it’s just a part of being human.”

When and why did you start making your own music?

“Although music and singing has been a big part of my life, I only started writing my own songs during the lockdown in 2020. I had always wanted to put my music out there, but I had this mental barrier of “I don’t have the skill or training, so how can I write music?”.  One of my good friends who is a songwriter encouraged me to just start putting down my ideas in voice memos / on paper. It seems like such a simple ask now but at the time it was a hard step to take – but I am so glad I did it and now I have two songs out there for the world to listen to!”

How would you describe your music to someone who has not heard it before?

I would like to say that I make mellow music for a chill night in. Think across the spectrum of Lana Del Ray, Sufjan Stevens, Billie Eilish, Alt-J (to name a few). A big part of my music lies in the lyrics – I try to write straight from what I am feeling. Most of my song ideas are a result of some random thoughts sparked by a conversation with a friend, a tv show, or things that just happen.”

What is your favourite and least favourite part about song writing?

“I love how song writing feels like the most natural process. My favourite parts about it are the moments that you least expect to happen – like when you think of a lyric or a catchy melody that comes to you randomly. My least favourite part is probably having to let go of ideas I really love but know are not right for the song (I like to store them hoping they might fit for the next one though :D).”

What does the next year look like?

“A lot more song writing! My plan is to just keep writing, especially since I am at the very early stage of it where I’m learning so much. It would also be awesome do some live gigs at bars and collaborate with other artists on new music!”

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