Jaimi Faulkner – Catch Me If You Can

The strong, warm and slightly edgy vocals of Jaimi Faulkner lead us through his folk pop, Americana-influenced new single ‘Catch Me If You Can’. With a great and soulful sound, the song listens like a personal story that is fuelled by bittersweet memories and heartfelt revelations. Jaimi Faulkner has created a grand and nearly anthemic sound a la what Tom Grennan is leaning towards with his sound nowadays.

It is the simplistic and harmony-driven soundscape that dresses up Faulkner’s vocals nicely and stylishly. About the story behind the track, Jaimi says: “When I became a father, I became much more aware of life’s cycle and intern, my own mortality. In ‘Catch me if you can’ I explore the theme of the afterlife by begging the question ‘when I’m gone, will you take me by the hand? When I’m gone, will I reach the promised land?'” The song sways between hope and hopelessness yet ends on a high note, and gives a feeling of comfort!

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