The Assist – Irrational Movements

‘Irrational Movements’ is a fast paced, highly energetic and telling alternative pop track with hints to Britpop and sharp vocals. The Assist‘s latest is a vibe, a swinging and summery anthem led by raw vocals, it is a track fans of The Covasettes, Happy Mondays and JAWS will most definitely enjoy.

It is the changes in-between chapters that make ‘Irrational Movements’ an exciting track that stands out from others within their genre. It’s a story with several story-lines that all come together in the end. “The song touches on how we struggle to acclimatize to a modern-day society that prioritizes materialistic possessions over life itself.”

‘Irrational Movements’ is the start of a next chapter, with plans to release a debut album in April called ‘Council Pop’. “This album epitomizes everything we stand for and we truly believe in this collection of music, we have some very exciting plans in place with serious hopes of making some noise.”

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