Speak Easy Circus – Sewn Up

No more ripped jeans and torn up hearts with Speak easy Circus‘ latest indie funk rock single ‘Sewn Up’! The band have created a blasting and festive sounding track with warm vocals and a brass-filled soundscape. “‘Sewn Up’ tells the story of my favourite pair of jeans, that ripped and left me heartbroken, until I watched a YouTube video to teach myself how to sew. From then on, instead of throwing clothes away I started to clumsily stitch them up.”

The band left a few stitched unstitched which makes ‘Sewn Up’ the perfect next step of the band’s ever evolving sound, and we will happily join for the ride! Their simple sound is a remarkable one most of all due to its layered soundscape as well as the fun and open-hearted way of telling a story. Besides, the band actually poses a question we have previously asked ourselves as well! “Why didn’t we fix more things? Why weren’t we taught to sew at school? Why was sewing seen as feminine? It seemed to me there were no downsides.” And believe you me, sexiest and most manly scenery? A man behind a sewing machine!

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