Sam Readman – No Man

A heartfelt piano ballad was released by one of our favourite discoveries of the past year, Sam Readman finally went and released her second single after promising debut ‘Dancing with the Devil’. This one is a soft and gorgeously executed alternative folk pop song with her sharp vocals shining brightly in the spotlight. A subtle and simplistic, piano-driven soundscape supports her voice and brings the single to life.

‘No Man’ is a dramatic, theatrical piece that could easily be the soundtrack of a romantic comedy, right at the moment where it all goes wrong… You know the lot, right? Sam Readman surely seems to know and understand! “‘No Man’ reflects upon a situation of unrequited love whereby the man leads on the girl even though he isn’t interested. The song is the inner monologue of how you would feel after this situation, feeling like you could never trust anyone again.”

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