The Round Up – December

Josh Ramsay ft. Chad Kroeger – Lady Mine

‘Lady Mine’ is grand, theatrical, funky and very catchy. This fun throwback to a 70’s kind of rock resembles a Lenny Kravitz-like sound and is driven by powerful and seductive vocals, piping hot brass sections and a knockout soundscape. About his latest collaboration Josh Ramsay says: “I ended up with something kind of crazy. You know – like if the 70’s had been on crack. Once Chad added his vocals on there, it got even crazier. But so much fun!”

Simon Taylor – Our Crazy Dream

North East based singer and songwriter Simon Taylor has just released a new and pensive dream pop track with his latest ‘Our Crazy Dream’. It is a soft and soothing lullaby with smooth vocals and a simple soundscape, angelic harmonies and soft guitar picking. The song came to Simon in a dream during a period of personal suffering caused by mental health issues. The song translates those struggles into a soft pop song, an almost comforting sound that helps not just its creator but its listeners processing their thoughts and dreams.

Justboy – Head Sick

Justboy have just released the title track of their upcoming debut EP, ‘Head Sick’ is a refined blend of blues and Americana vibes that are the perfect solution to fans of City and Colour and Brian Fallon! On the single, Justboy opens up about his struggles with mental health and the support from his loved ones that pulls him through. The warm and comforting sound of the riffing guitar opening up the track translate a bittersweet, gritty and honest vibe, and an addictive one at that!

Chloe Rodgers – Free Your Mind

Chloe Rodgers just released her new and romantic alternative folk pop single ‘Free Your Mind’, it is a simplistic, soft and rosy song we nearly lost ourselves in. ‘Free Your Mind’ is a mix of grand vocals, an angelic soundscape, and subtle, dreamy compositions. What I most appreciate about the song is its simple yet refined and telling sound, the emotions translated in subtle drums and soft ‘hmm’s that give the song a thoughtful twist. Hopefully there will be more to come from the talented songstress, and hopefully soon!

Ed Prosek x Violetta Zironi – Come What May

A collaboration between Ed Prosek and Violetta Zironi resulted in a hazy acoustic folk song, a wonderful collaboration if you ask us. Their vocals amplify one another perfectly, and its acoustically-driven soundscape sketches a slowly appearing forest, surroundings only existing in our dreams. ‘Come What May’ is a wintery yet warm and heartfelt duet between the Italian singer songwriter and the Californian artist, and implores nostalgia for an era we didn’t get to experience.

The Killing Tapes – Never Going Home

A dark and grand, stadium-like sound was released once again by The Killing Tapes, one of their latest is ‘Never Going Home’. It’s a moody and pensive track with sharp and soaring vocals and an almost hypnotic soundscape. ‘Never Going Home’ is about escaping problems by traveling… Or simply running away. It is the heartfelt memories, the emotions and the pain that comes from trying to run away from something you can’t run away from, that make ‘Never Going Home’ an honest and interesting sound.

Kids In America – Sad Songs (feat. Ishmael)

A light alternative surf pop single was released by SoCal band Kids In America, their single ‘Sad Songs’ features Brooklyn hip hop artist Ishmael and lead guitar from Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil. It is the mix of a wide range of interests and influences that make ‘Sad Songs’ an ever changing, inventive track filled with hazy vocals, electronic vibes and a soundscape that sounds humble yet surprising and festive!

Alta Falls – The Fire

The title track of Alta Falls’ debut EP is a hazy, fiery and intense sound perfectly matching its title. ‘The Fire’ is a punchy, high energy track with soft vocals and an atmospheric soundscape. It’s danceable, seductive and a soothing alternative pop rock track with grand and almost disappearing vocals, a soundscape that is soft and at times nearly angelic and a message that is very personal as well as chilling. “Chills ran down my spine as my Dad told me the feeling of driving home one night, past burning coals and ashes on both sides of the road, wondering if we were still alive. Thankfully, the wind had turned at the last minute and we were spared.”

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