Arliston – Mountaineer

London trio Arliston have just released their second single ‘Mountaineer’, taken from their upcoming EP. Their debut received raving reviews and with their second they have to live up to the expectations… ‘Mountaineer’ is refined, a smoothly and well-produced track with introspective lyrics and a the feeling of being comforted by a grand and warm sound, living up to its expectations.

‘Mountaineer’ is an exciting mix of soft vocals, synths and a thrilling, minimalistic soundscape. Subtle and modest and listens like a large soft couch to lean back in while being emerged into Arliston’s sound. ‘Mountaineer’ talks about the moment of being unable to return, aptly captured by the mountaineer metaphor. “The act of cutting a friend or a lover loose to safe yourself – and unpicking the complexity of both the shame and the necessity of that action.” A subtly expressive sound and heartfelt story, Arliston is now on our ones to watch list.

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