Nagoon – Blueprint (For A Broken House)

The soft, comforting and alternative folk pop sound of Nagoon is a thrilling one and comes in the form of their latest single ‘Blueprint (For A Broken House)’. Another one of those crafters that are able to turn a bittersweet message and situation into something that sounds really rather positive and almost uplifting. It is the intense and soothing vocals that lead us through this new single and make it a pleasant one to listen to.

Luleå trio Nagoon is raising expectations with warming songs such as their latest and are building towards the release of their debut album ‘After Us, The Flood’. This song sets the tone for the upcoming album, seemingly more of their dreamy indie sound. Talking about the song and the album, the band say: “The melody just came out of me one day and never wanted to stop… It was a song that felt like it already existed. Like life was running away from me and the song was an attempt to catch up. A three-chorded road that in vain tries to create meaning in grief, loss and alienation.” ​

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