Bottle Rockets – When I Tell You

Glasgow’s alternative new wave outfit Bottle Rockets have just released their new single ‘When I Tell You’, an explosive yet subtle track with a grand soundscape and echoing vocals. The band is inspired and influenced by bands such as The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees and New Order, and we can certainly hear that dark, addictive gloom on their latest piece of work.

It is their mix of alternative new wave influences that make, in particular ‘When I Tell You’, such an interesting track, different from others and eclectic thanks to its progressive soundscape. Their sound is one that could still be refined, slightly softer vocals and a bolder and more expressive soundscape would have had this song end even higher on our list of favourites this year, however the band has only just emerged and with this track they show what the future could potentially hold for them!

Its rough edges also give both the band and ‘When I Tell You’ its character and make it stand out from others within its genre. Heavy instrumentals and sharp vocals expresses the frustration of never having luck on your side, “when everything and anything seemingly goes against you. Perfect for those wanting to let everything out!”

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