Francis Alban Blake – More Is Not The Answer

‘More Is Not The Answer’ is a dark, mysterious track with gorgeous vocals and half the discovery of who Francis Alban Blake is. Incredible song writing combined with a naturally enchanting soundscape, driven by strings and simple yet refined compositions. The single tells half the story of Francis Alban Blake, and it’s an absolutely intriguing one. It is the pseudonym of poet, philosopher and musician Frans de Blaak who has been missing since 2018.

Family and friends have gone through his diaries, poems and notebooks, and they have discovered that he has wilfully disappeared. In his own words: “I will become the overman. Well beyond this world’s reach”. Early 2019 Frank Bond was given permission by Frans de Blaak’s family to complete the recordings of the unfinished Francis Blake record ‘Passages’. In the process he claims to have discovered a way to summon Francis Blake from whence he has gone. 

His story and the production of his music is telling yet mysterious, it’s the work of an artist and not just a musician, it is filled with emotions and stories still untold. His latest release is about the climate crisis written from the perspective of nature, it shows his way of being able to empathise not just with other people but with other species, other objects. And, to be completely honest, I did not expect this intricate, mesmerising sound to come from this story, it’s a mellow and smooth alternative folk pop surprise I don’t mind listening to again, and again!

Francis Alban Blake’s music is being released on King Forward Records.

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