2in1: Kreem and KY.

Kreem – Queen of Hearts

The intro of Kreem’s ‘Queen of Hearts’ is catchy and harmonious, and captures us instantly, after which warm and sexy vocals invite us to enter Kreem’s world. ‘Queen of Hearts’ is a well-balanced and easy-listening alternative pop song with hooks that are easy to remember and hard to get out of your head. The song sways like the sea, goes from ebb to flood and back, with soft intermezzo’s and catchy, faster paced vocal parts friendly interfering in the songs’ tempo. All we want to do is listen to ‘Queen of Hearts’ over and over again.

KY. – December

A warm and romantic sounding new single was released by Dutch artist, KY. His latest single ‘December’ is a piano-driven, strongly built and well-produced new story with comforting compositions. A typical pop song, and successful in being that, driven by vocals that taste like honey, with lyrics we are already singing along while slowly dancing through the living room. “‘December’ tells the story of a person getting into a new phase in life and having to let go of someone.” It’s bittersweet yet part of life and KY. translated it very subtly in a song we’ll always return to when we need some words of comfort.

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