Ski Lift – I Wanna Be You

The fast paced, energetic and electrifying alternative rock of Ski Lift is released in the form of their latest single ‘I Wanna Be You’. Their warm sound is a blend of alternative rock with a soft pop vibe, soothing vocals and a guitar-driven soundscape that is both experimental and refined.

The single is the fifth of the South London outfit and displays a darker side of Ski Lift. ‘I Wanna Be You’ begs the question who you really are. “The search for identity and the constantly evolving ability to create online illusions of our lives or become embroiled in the perceived lives of others until we proclaim ‘I Wanna Be You’ has become – as in Dostoevsky’s work – increasingly self-destructive.”

Their way of translating a complex message into a very short, rapid track shows how they are able to create music from questions that bother us all at times. It is an exciting sound that tells more than just another love story, and we’re looking forward to hear more!

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