Kenton Place – Done With You 

Kenton Place‘s latest single, ‘Done With You,’ is rocketing to the top of the heap. The band is knocking down the industry’s doors and leapfrogging its peers on this single, which has a lot of energy. It’s a track with a nostalgic old school rock sound blended with a modern, fresh quality that many will appreciate.

The band from the United States have been honing their skill for many years. They are all still young and in the early stages of their professions, but the group dates back many moons, joining forces in their youth. Their years of playing together have paid off, as their tight structures and playing styles put them on par with some of the best bands on the planet right now.

‘Done With You’ begins with a bang! The drums instantly propel themselves out of the speaker with a loud, metal-sounding tone. The guitars then tear through the compound, immediately pulling everyone in with them. The bass also gives the soundscape a tremendous depth, providing even more weight to the mix and giving it the authentic rock flavour missing recently in modern audio. Laural Smalley, frontman Logan Smalley’s sister, delivers the vocals. She bursts into the mix, taking no hostages and capturing with her pure female rock god power!

Words by James Davids

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