Coral Palms – Something In The Air

Rising alternative pop outfit Coral Palms have just released their latest release, ‘Something In The Air’! Their newest release is vibrant and energetic and a positive vibe hangs in the air with Coral Palms’ ‘Something In The Air’! Strong vocals and a surprising soundscape make the rising outfit’s new release a promising one.

They’ve already had ongoing support from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Rolling Stone and many others so yes, you could say we’re a little late to the party. However, better late than never, especially with Coral Palms! We jumped in at the right time, got hooked and don’t want to let go now. ‘Something In The Air’ really is a catchy and grand introduction to the band’s sound!

‘Something In The Air’ focusses on being present and realising that moment of chemistry when you catch someone’s eye across the dance floor… Soon, we will be gracing the dance floor again!

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