Leopard Rays – Curtain Call

Hartlepool’s own Leopard Rays are back with their raw indie rock sound in the form of ‘Curtain Call’. A nostalgic throwback to the 90’s and early 20’s, with hints at Brit rock and shoegaze, ‘Curtain Call’ has got it all and hits us right where it hurts talking of personal themes and relatable topics. ‘Curtain Call’ ramps it up a notch, doesn’t talk of heartbreak but says “this is our time, take us as we are”, which is a promise we hope their regional scene will make, as we wonder why they aren’t bigger than they are. 

Leopard Rays are an emerging outfit with unfailing energy and a hunger for more, ‘Curtain Call’ shows that. Their heavy sound gets reinvented with every single release yet never loses its distinct Leopard Rays-personality. They are unstoppable, seemed barely bothered by the past few years and kept going fiercely. The release of ‘Curtain Call’ turned a few heads and might have been the reason the band just announced a Newcastle show at brand new music venue Xerox! We’ll see you at the front row on the 11th of February? 

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