3in1: Bambi L, Motel Midnight and Baby Strange

Bambi L – 2

An angelic new voice came to us as in a dream, soothing and pensive with a hint of bitter sweetness and in the form of Bambi L’s new single ‘2’. Her refined alternative pop sound is well-produced and neatly wrapped in a shimmering packaging with a brightly coloured bow on top. The wintery pop sound of ‘2’ is about the brutality of a love story coming to an end. “It’s a mix of beauty, ugly, vulnerable, rough and frozen, with a little bit of warmth.”

Motel Midnight – Save Me

‘Save Me’ is the new intriguing alternative rock track from New Zealand trio Motel Midnight. Grooving guitars and sharp vocals combined with a spacious soundscape make for a well-composed track that is easy to remember and sing along to! It is a well-balanced mix of indie rock, electronics and a hint of pop, about the song, the trio say: “We’ve all been in messed-up relationships where we’ve tried to save or change the person we’re with. Sometimes you just have to love them in spite of their faults.”

Baby Strange – Midnight

Baby Strange’s gritty new dark rock track is an intricate and instantly mesmerising track, thanks to its surprising vocals and riffing soundscape! Theirs is a sound that is fiery and inevitable, with an underlying rawness that gives both the song and the band its edge. The Glasgow band seem to be ahead of the curve and seem to quite like it there, ‘Midnight’ is their sound of 2022 and we’d like more of it. They’ve previously worked with Laurie Vincent (Slaves) and techno artists Dense & Pika and we’re looking forward to see what the next collaboration will be!

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