Spectral Display – It Burns You When It’s Hot

Spectral Display are once again gracing the electronic indie realm with their new single, ‘It Burns You When It’s Hot’, and it is indeed a scorching record from the Dutch group. Adding to the already well-known electronic synth-indie sound, the group takes us on a journey into the future, never knowing exactly what awaits us. The message is inspiring and thought-provoking, reminding us to live in the present rather than in the future.

Paul Simon, who is in top form, sings with his heart on his sleeve, pushing his notes to new heights and adding to the already excellent foundation that producer Michel has put together. The two of them are fantastic together, with Michel’s musical prowess complementing Paul’s vocal tone. Similarly, all of the other band members rise to the occasion, providing a feel-good sound that we all need right now.

This new music from the group is the perfect way to start 2022, ear worming its way to the forefront of the stage. It has a modern feel to it while remaining true to the sound that the band discovered over thirty years ago. They are not your usual band from the past; as they bring new qualities to the table. Rather than merely replicating their previous sound, they add to it, broadening their appeal and, most likely, attracting a new generation of followers.

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