In conversation with Sarah La Puerta

The laid back and soft, psychedelic folk sound of Sarah La Puerta got to us through her latest single and video for ‘Heaven’s Door’. Her pensive and soothing sound is refined and mesmerising and made us want to have a conversation with the artist.

‘Tangerine & Yellow’ is a wandering, folk pop track, where do you get inspiration for your music? “When I was four or five my family moved to Augusta, Georgia and lived in one of my aunt’s brothels. I began singing in talent shows. I performed buck dances for change to entertain troops from Camp Gordon during wartime as their convoys travelled over a canal bridge near my aunt’s house. I became inspired to become an entertainer after hearing ‘Caldonia’ by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five.”

How do you go about writing songs? “If I could answer that, I would be in a higher place. I’d be one of the Prophets, I guess. Whatever God gave me, I’m not questioning it. Whatever Mozart and Schubert and Tchaikovsky and Beethoven and Bach were doing – I’m doing just the opposite. They’re playing on an upbeat, and I play on the downbeat.” How important do you think music video are in addition to your music? “Exactly. You don’t ever see sad jazz. Whether it’s slow or fast, it’s not sad.”

It seems you don’t entirely work alone, how was it to work with other creators? “Bootsy Collins, Maceo Parker, Bobby Byrd, Peewee Ellis, Clyde Stubblefield, Thor Harris. Oh, a lot of major things. I did a total program like at West Point – they got to be clean, neat. Your shirt got to be pressed, shoes got be shined, the suit got to be pressed, they got to play correct, they can’t be looking off when they should be watching me because then they miss something…”

And that’s where we lost the plot, not entirely sure what the quirky and eccentric artist was talking about, but at least we got a sneak peek at what’s going up in that creative brain of hers. Listen and watch her latest ‘Heaven’s Door’ below!

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