The Klittens – Herkenbosch

A light and shimmering new track was released by Dutch emerging all girl outfit The Klittens, their latest ‘Herkenbosch’ is one of our favourites from their hand so far. The coming-of-age track is about the juxtaposition of small town charm and isolation. The song guides us through a special village where guitarist Winnie lived during her teenage years. The Klittens have given small towns their own and semi-comedic soundtrack. Since I grew up in a funny small town, I can relate to ‘Herkenbosch’ and its perfect amount of quirk and charm.

Its lyrics reminisce about a newfound loneliness, yet ‘Herkenbosch’ sounds all but lonely. A festive touch make the track light-hearted and comforting in its own rather unique way. The Klittens are five musicians on a mission, who translate sad sentiments into happy songs! Theirs is the perfect blend of indie-fuzz and indie pop, with a dark and honest undertone, and with that they are making their way out of the unground Amsterdam scene and onto the emerging international scene!

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