The Breaks Inc. – Pinocchio

“Who are we? Maybe we’re just too wrapped up in another decade to be able to figure it out. One thing we do know is that our music is as addictive as a chain-smoking Netflix binge-watching gambler with a roll of quarters and a sweet slot machine.” 

Queens-based power pop rock outfit The Breaks Inc. have recently released their latest, ‘Pinocchio’, a high energy track with strong vocals and lyrics that will get stuck in your head! Their playful sound is upbeat and ditty and talks about a puppet who only ever wanted to be a real boy… Can you tell what kind of band we’re listening to?

The Breaks Inc. are here for the music, not caring too much about the image around it, not taking it all too seriously, which is what makes their sound such an entertaining one! A ‘f*ck all’ kind of attitude, with an infectious rhythm and a very apparent passion for music, influenced by The Strokes and Elton John in some way or another, ‘Pinocchio’ is our intriguing introduction to their sound and it’s what got us hooked.

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