The Round Up – January

Kid Bloom – I Fell in Love Again

Kid Bloom’s latest is a romantic and sweet new release, ‘I Fell in Love Again’ is a subtle indie pop track from the prolific LA-based artist and writer. It is a refined and fragile, yet warm and open track with soft vocals and a mellow soundscape! The track talks about falling in love with yourself, “and the happiness that comes along with it”, says Kid Bloom. To friends and family, he’s known as Lennon Kloser and he’s been crafting his signature sound since 2016, while releasing critically acclaimed EPs and singles that build on a dreamy blend of synths, hazy 80’s disco and a Motown-esque energy!

Good Lekker – Belligerence

Good Lekker’s interesting name had us intrigued, and ‘Belligerence’ had us hooked. Their refreshing and catchy indie surf sound comes to us in the form of a shimmering soundscape and warm yet simple vocals that cut straight to the core. “The song is inspired by a real-world run in with a character that no one wants to deal with. An arms-crosses, explosive ball of masculine narcissism. Because of its inspiration, the song aims to satirise and critique the caricature of a violent male – a person all too prevalent in our world.” And despite its to-the-point, and almost annoying, story ‘Belligerence’ sounds positive with a fun and tongue-in-cheek twist!

Eleanor Hammond – Anyone at All

It’s grand and jazzy, an almost theatrical piece of alternative pop with beautifully sharp vocals in its midst. Eleanor Hammond’s latest ‘Anyone at All’ is a fiercely energetic love song talking about wanting to be ‘the one’ for someone, I reckon that being a place we have all been in before. Eleanor translated that longing into a catchy and warm-hearted, hopeful sounding track with a grand soundscape and passionate vocals that are still echoing in my head!

Philine Sonny – Same Light

The mesmerising Philine Sonny has just released her second single ‘Same Light’, the young singer songstress truly knows how to capture her listener’s attention by creating emotionally captivating soundscapes and translating personal stories into sweet sing songs. A drum machine intro sets the tone and creates a driving beat throughout, with hooking moments from the beginning until the end. On ‘Same Light’, Philine asks herself rhetorical questions based on past influences and dark experiences, which is translated into film, you can watch the video for ‘Same Light’ here!

SoulSong – Making My Way

The intricate, sensual and romantic new release taken from the musical library of SoulSong is called ‘Making My Way’, and it sounds fascinating. Built around beautifully fragile vocals and a simple, guitar-driven soundscape, this single is a surprise in many ways. “All our songs are fully improvised, we call them Soulsongs. They may sound like songs written for the radio, but the melodies, chords and lyrics appear in the moment.” The international trio has truly gotten our attention, and we will be looking out for future releases!

Memorial – Dialtone

The intricate, eccentric and pensive new track Memorial released has been wandering around our head for a while now, ‘Dialtone’ is the soft and hazy track that sounds like a dream, almost as if softly playing the background yet demands full attention while listening. ‘Dialtone’ is a fragile yet headstrong sound, an alternative pop song driven by soothing harmonies and a warm and multi-facetted soundscape. Memorial are truly memorable!

Beafets – Falling Knives

Glasgow’s four man band Beafets create enigmatic and energetic surf rock tracks and have recently done so once again in the form of single ‘Falling Knives’! It’s an exciting track with pensive vocals and a synth-driven soundscape, the band came back from a hiatus with a refreshed and more refined sound, making them stand out from others within their genre. It’s a slightly poppy, alternative surf sound with warm soundscapes and simple vocals, ‘Falling Knives’ is a grand track and a great introduction to a new Beafets-chapter!

Pocket Key – Sinner Town

A grand and riffing new rock track was released by film director, musician and make-up artist Pocket Key, ‘Sinner Town’ is a dark and catchy track with seductive vocals and a grandiose soundscape that is built on warm drum rolls and filthy guitar riffs! Pocket Key’s eruptive sound is made to be shared with others, to connect and to inspire, Pocket Key was inspired after being in the military for sixteen months, “I heard Dua Lipa’s song ‘Physical’ and that synthpop vibe hit hard. I started writing phases, and I slowly became more comfortable and I stepped into a genre I always personally connected with!” Out came a sound we would love to mosh live to!

Home Movie – Always Said

‘Always Said’ is the debut single of Home Movie, a lo-fi alternative pop song with warm vocals and a pulsating soundscape, driven by a soft beat and minimalistic effects used. Home Movie is the solo project of Jersey-based indie producer Sam Bowen, who combines homemade loops with subtle pop influences. His debut ‘Always Said’ is the perfect introduction to his sound, which has an already profound and refined edge, and it’s hard to tell this has been recorded and mixed in a bedroom. The single explores the line between a long term relationship and desires for fame and fortune. “Chasing things comes at a cost, and the grass isn’t always greener.”

Ciao LuciferTrip

Dutch indie pop outfit Ciao Lucifer have just released the first single of their upcoming album, and it’s a ‘Trip’! Their latest is a festive, comforting and upbeat track with a kazoo-influenced soundscape and pleasant vocals. If we wouldn’t be sitting down writing this review, we’d be dancing through the living room, as that is how infectious ‘Trip’ is! Throw in some sunshine hooks, and what you’ve got is the first summer hit of winter 2022!

Jesse D’Kora – the fourth day of november

Jesse D’Kora’s lo-fi dreamy indie pop sound is warm and soothing, and a max of summer beach vibes, and exciting vocals. D’Kora will be releasing a single a month in the upcoming year, showing off his musical abilities to write indie top track after indie top track, with his latest being ‘the fourth day of november’. The song is about the anticipation of moving from one place to another, “It conveys the blend of nervousness and excitement that inevitably comes with a new beginning.” Besides, it’s the perfect opener of the next chapter of Jesse D’Kora!

Low Girl – So Cool

Low Girl’s latest alternative pop track is a soothing, and charming new single, charismatic and filled with warm vocal harmonies, supplemented by a subtly hazy soundscape. ‘So Cool’ is simply irresistible, and the title track of their upcoming second EP, which is due for release on the 4th of March! ‘So Cool’s lyrics talk about feelings of loneliness, self-worth and mental health, topics Low Girl started talking about on her debut EP, and continues talking about on the upcoming one. “There was a girl I liked who really knew how to switch it on and off, flirting and then recoiling. I’d end up feeling pretty disorientated, trying to maintain some sense of composure and resolve but failing miserably…”

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