Caleb Caming & The Heat – Trashy

Caleb Caming & The Heat‘s new single is as ‘Trashy’ as its title suggests, it’s a filthy and deliciously rocking new track, the title track of the band’s upcoming debut EP! It’s an aggressive yet sensitive punk track which in its essence talks of defying societal norms. The band’s sound is furious and they know how to translate that into song, with a whole lot of licks and slides!

It’s fast paced and highly energetic, it’s a demonstration of modern punk rock, without sounding too similar to others within their genre. That’s probably due to their lead singer’s experience as a roadie, oh yes, Caleb Caming & The Heat are fronted by an ex-roadie! “Caming became interested in performing after working as a roadie for a rockabilly band in upstate New York. He toured internationally and subsequently interned at a blues rock workshop run by the band’s lead singer.” But aren’t we lucky that he eventually decided to start a band himself?! We’re looking forward to hear more from this exciting trio!

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